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January 31
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‘WHYYYY’ you thought to yourself. Valentine’s Day was ahead, and once again, you were alone. It was a day that lovers celebrated beING ToGeTheR uughhh. You only WISHED, you could only DREAM of ever having a valentine on freakin Valentine’s day.

‘I don’t understand’ you would think to yourself as you sit alone at a bench at school, ‘it seems like everyone I see is a couple, even the birds!’

You wondered to yourself ‘I am pretty enough, right? Heck, nobody here is my type anyway, right?…maybe it’s because I’m too quiet? Everyone knows how to socialize but not me aaaaaahhhh’ you mentally faced palmed.

‘Well, I could get some homework done while I’m out here…doing nothing.’ you reached into your backpack and took out an English assignment. You set it down on the table in front of you, and you went to get a pencil. Then you gasp as a gust of wind blows and takes your paper. You jump up, causing your backpack to fall and everything spilled out.

‘shit, shit, shit’ you mentally screamed. You kept your eye on the paper and chased it around the schoolyard. As you’re about to catch the dumb piece of paper, you crash into someone. A strong scent of perfume leaks into your nose as you both fall to the ground.

“Hey!” the person groaned. You pull yourself up, realizing that you’ve scraped your hands and were bleeding a little.

“I’m sorry!” you say,  turning to help her up. She looked over to you, her expression souring. Her group of friends glanced at each other, hiding smiles.

“Aren’t you that weird girl that’s by herself all the time?”

You freeze, and try to think of a reply. “I, uh…yes?”

They all laughed. “Whatever, I think I’ll just help myself up.”

They all walked away, trampling your paper. You heard them laughing, and you caught one of them say, “What a loser.”

You just kind of stand there, like an idiot. Your hands are burning. You forget the paper and go into the bathroom to rinse off your hands.

The sun was higher in the sky as you looked out your classroom window. You were in your first class, which was English. You had no idea how you were going to explain it to the teacher.

‘I guess I’ll just have to lie again’ you concluded.

The teacher finished role call, and went around the classroom, student by student, collecting homework. Your heart raced as the teacher made your way to your desk, with a questioning look.

“Where is your homework young lady?”

You gulped and replied, “I uh, forgot it…”


The teacher shook their head, “I cannot tolerate this anymore. You have told me that too many times.”

You watched in horror as the teacher pulled out a detention slip, wrote down a few things on it, and threw it on your desk.

This day was really turning out to be swell…//sarcasm.

The school day was over, but not for you. The last thing you wanted to do was spend another second in this hellhole. You sighed and made your way into the detention room and did your time. Just staring at the clock. It was so slow.

It was almost dark as you entered your house. You threw your backpack into your room, and went into the kitchen and took some left over pizza. Your mom was still at work. You plopped yourself onto the couch and watched (fav TV show/or movie). After that, you fell asleep.

The next day, you found yourself dying of boredom in your English class as you were taking notes. Well, not really. You liked to doodle, a lot. You always doodled on some paper while your teacher lectured the class, and it was a good way to pass the time. You didn’t need to turn in the notes this time anyway.

Then there was a knock at the door. The whole class turned to look and see another teacher walk in with a student by their side. He was really tall, and wearing a scarf? In this weather? They went to your English teacher and spoke for a bit while the student stood awkwardly. Was he here because he was misbehaving in his class? He didn’t look like a trouble maker. You couldn’t really tell anyway because you were in the back of the classroom by yourself. The desks next to you were all empty…oh.

You watched as the other teacher left and your English teacher took the student in front of the class.

“Class, we have a new student joining us today. His name is Ivan. Be nice and respectful.” Your teacher pointed to the seat next to you,

“And you can have a seat next to miss (Name). She can help you get started and maybe show you around the school.”

You went pale. ‘what? Oh my gosh why me why me!! Please no I cant do this. I am doomed! What if he’s a jerk! He’s going to think I’m weird! UGH I HATE THIS CLASS I HATE THIS SCHOOL I HATE…’

You threw your little fit inside your head as the new kid, or , Ivan, made his way to the seat next to you. You watched as he set his backpack down. He wasn’t looking at you, and he seemed to be burying his face into his scarf, hiding his blush. Maybe he was shy, too? It was actually kind of cute…

The teacher went back to the utterly boring lesson while you and Ivan sat without saying a word. You would usually expect him to start the conversation. You never, ever had or wanted to be the first to talk; but on this day, it looks like fate had other plans.

You fluttered with your pencil, and soon clumsily dropped it and watched as it landed onto the ground under Ivan’s desk. Without hesitation Ivan reached down and picked it up for you, smiling. “H-here you go.”

He looked at you, then quickly back down, still blushing a little. You smiled. What were you so worried about?? He seemed really nice, and goodness he was cute. You felt your face heat up as you mentally slapped yourself. You can’t possibly have a crush that easily and that fast could you?? Wow you had never felt this way to any boy before. Some you had neutral feelings for, some were complete idiots, some made your eyes roll, but then there was Ivan.

“Thank you.” you said softly, taking the pencil and accidentally touching his hand in the process.  You blushed.

“So, you’re new here?” you asked. Ivan nodded.

“I from Russia, still learning English.”

You smiled, “Oh, really? That’s so cool! I love your accent by the way.” You said shyly.

Ivan looked at you in surprise,”Thank you. I thought people would laugh at me…”

“No, no only mean people would do that.” you said, “I’m (Name) by the way, and don‘t worry, I can help with your English!”

It was strange. You felt completely calm with Ivan. You had never felt so comfortable talking with anyone before. It was amazing!

( And let’s just say Ivan felt the same! He’s so shy because he thinks you’re so pretty! )

At lunch, you and Ivan sat together. You chose a nice shady place away from everyone else. The weather was fairly decent, sunny with a light breeze. Some students walked by you two gave you strange looks. They were probably surprised that you were with someone for once, and not sitting alone.

Ivan had some sort of Russian food his mom made for him. It was called, piroshky.

“The weather is nice here,” Ivan said. You nodded, “Yeah I guess it is. Why do you say that?”

Ivan watched a bird gather a tiny bit of food. You followed his gaze.

“Back in Russia, it was very cold. I always dream of living in much warmer place.” he said happily.

You smiled, swinging your legs back and forth. Another breeze blew, causing a leaf to fall onto Ivan’s hair.

“Here, let me get that for you.” You gently picked it out and tossed it into the wind. His hair was a really light shade of blonde, and it was really soft.

“Thank you.” he said blushing. “You are very nice. I have never met anyone this nice before.”

“Ivan, I could say the same for  you.” You felt your heart speed up.

“So I am curious. Do you have more friends I should be knowing of?”
He asked.

You frowned, and looked down. “Actually, you are the only friend I have now.” you said fiddling with the zipper on your backpack.

Ivan looked at you in surprise. “No friends? But you’re so nice, and pretty!”

You gave a nervous laugh blushed again,

“Uh, yeah. I guess I’m just different. I mean, it just seems like I don’t fit in with anyone around here. They know I’m a loner, the school loser…”

Ivan grabbed your hands, and looked a you.

“Nyet, do not say that! You are NOT a loser!  You are my friend now, yes?”

You blinked a few times, then nodded. His sweet, adorable expression suddenly darken as he looked away from you and to the students around you. You felt his grip on you grow a little stronger, but not enough to hurt you. You swear on your life there was no cloud in the sky until one just blocked the sun just then.

Ivan voice was lower than usual as he spoke,

“And as long as you are with me, no one will ever make you feel worthless again.”

The bell rang, and the cloud had passed. Ivan looked back at you, smiling sweetly. ^J^

You had no idea what just happened, but it truly terrified you for a second. But then again, you felt safe with him, and he was really nice to you. You two gathered your things and went to your next class.

After school, you met up with Ivan. You decided to hang around the school for a little while. There were pink and red flyers everywhere about the valentine’s day dance.

As sad as this sounds, you had never been to a dance before. You knew nobody would ask you out so you would just stay at home and be on youtube or tumblr. Climbing out of your thoughts, you look at Ivan, who was reading one of the flyers.

“I have never been to a dance before…” he said, looking back at you.

“Neither have I!” You said, laughing. Ivan smiled. You thought maybe…just maybe, you could ask him out?

‘Yes, do it!’ you thought to yourself, ‘when will you ever get a chance like this again?! It’s now or never!’

“I-I van,” you said nervously. He looked to you, “Yes?”

“Um, about the dance…” your struggled to get the words out of your mouth.

Ivan smiled. He totally knew what you were about to ask. He was overjoyed, but decided to let you finish.

“Would you like to go to the dance with me?” you said quickly.

“да, я бы с удовольствием! (yes, I would love to!)“ he said hugging you.
Let me know if you want a part 2 :3 I used google translate so feel free to correct me if that's wrong, i don't know any russian!

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